Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Progress is good

I started the estrogen patches last Monday and now I am up to 4 patches a day. The Lupron headaches are killing me and I feel like biting heads off anytime things don't go exactly my way. I'm blaming the drugs.

MTB and I headed to the parents' houses last week and upon our return, there was a box on our front step. I opened it to find that Brenda had returned the tiki fertility cups. I sent them to her nearly a year ago in the hopes that they would bring a little luck during her third and last IVF attempt. Unfortunately, they didn't work. At the sight of them nestled in bubble wrap inside the box my heart jumped just a little in excitement. Then I remembered why she was returning them and my heart hurt for her. We will toast our future babies with these cups just as we did for our very first IVF. The results from that cycle are stunning (and asleep in the next room).