Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still waiting

I am now 7dp5dt, and I actually caved and wanted to test. MTB agreed and provided the previously hidden pee sticks. I peed. I dunked (because I always pee in a cup and then dunk the stick - sorry TMI). And waited. I was using a digital FRER and it was supposed to start blinking when it started working, but no blinking. We waited and then it went blank. I looked at the package, and noted that it actually expired in November 2009. Damn! I had a huge stash of pee sticks left over from my first IVF, and I used all but this last box in connection with the failed IVF last fall. Who would have thought that it would have expired so quickly. I dunked the second pee stick just to see if it might work and I got a "?" instead of a blank screen, but it was still a bad test. MTB picked up a couple of fresh pee sticks, but I decided not to test this evening. They are in the house and I might test in the morning, or I might stay with the plan to test Monday morning. I want to know, but I don't want to know anything I might not like.