Friday, March 5, 2010

Fert report

As of this morning, we had 12 embryos starting out a journey to life. It seems that an additional egg matured in culture and that one plus all the original 11 fertilized. I'm not done holding my breath just yet, as it seems that we always have a good fertilization rate especially given our RE does ICSI 100% of the time. I guess it's to be expected that they would all fertilize. I have no idea. He has, however, thrown me a curve ball I was not expecting - he wants to do a 5 day transfer. I questioned him on this today, and he actually used the word "positive" when talking about our chances of success (just to be clear - he's hopeful rather than positive of a given outcome). He said that looking at the eggs, he feels they are a good quality and he feels very good about our chances of actually getting a baby out of this deal. I know enough to know that means very little in terms of real outcome, but whatever. I'll take his positive vibes and run like hell.

RE gave me a hard time about yesterday. He even called me an emotional wreck! I don't deny it. He told me several things that I have absolutely memory of... for example, he said that I was talking gibbersih in the OR before I fell asleep. I remember him talking with me, but I don't remember saying anything. He said that once I was back in day-surgery, I was complaining that I couldn't breath, which scared MTB. He even said that someone turned on some music to help calm me. I have no idea what he's talking about there. And finally, he said that I heard his voice, and sat straight up in bed and demanded to know, "How many did we get?!" Yeah, none of that rings a bell.

So there, we have 12 babies growing somewhere in a lab across town. I hope they are warm and cozy and planning all the different ways they will give me even more grey hairs when they are teenagers.