Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Not-so-random bit: We did it. We transferred 2 good looking blasts and 1 morula yesterday and it's all over. Regardless of the outcome, this will likely be our last attempt at another child using ART. It's too hard. The meds are too much to handle. I've been doing this to my body for 7 straight months, and I just don't think I can take anymore. Not to mention the cost.

Random bit: When we spoke to the embryologist on Sunday, he stressed how important a full bladder is to the process. Perhaps he over-stressed the importance of a full bladder because I almost felt as if he were blaming me for the FET failure. Well, not to disappoint, I showed up yesterday with 32 ounces of water hitting my bladder only to find that RE was running about an hour late. Nice. By the time we got into it and the tech was mashing the sono wand into my bladder, I think I peed a little. Like right there with the speculum and everything. Ugh!

Random bit: I asked MTB to back off all the we-must-have-another-baby talk. That's a lot of pressure for one woman to take. Over the past few months as the realization that failure is a real possibility set in, I've suggested that ARB may be an only child. I've not said it often, but every time I start down that path, MTB is quick to reassure me that we were meant to have more kids. While it is nice that he has such faith, it's a ton of pressure and unimaginable guilt when a cycle doesn't work out. I think he gets it now. The paradigm shift seems to be working for my psyche so far, but I suspect I'll be a huge blubbering mess by next week.

Random bit: Beta is in 1 week. No plans to pee on a stick. I always say that, but I really feel it this time. We will see how far I make it.