Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Follie check #5

Trigger tonight. Sono showed 13 mature follicles and I'll be waiting on pins and needles for the E2 from this morning. It's a little low compared to prior cycles and lower than the suggested 150-200 units per mature follicle so I don't expect that we will end up with 13 or more mature eggs at retrieval. I am still hopeful this will all work out for us.

There was fluid in my uterus, and the nurse said it wouldn't cause any problems in terms of retrieval or egg quality, but it does suggest the beginning of overstimulation. I'm to start on the water asap and increase my intake of protein to help prevent any real problems post retrieval. It was miserable with IVF#1, so I hope to avoid it this time around.

ETA: E2 this morning was 1232. I guess it went up, but still no where near my E2 at trigger for IVF#1 or #2. I'm trying to stay positive.